*Cocoa Rocha Vogue Mexico December 2012*

                                                  The Last Bite of Pizza

By: Anthony E. Ponti

Empty pockets means empty promises

I still can taste the luxury, it’s like the tinged bitterness that you get from biting your tongue.

One day I will sit on a pedestal higher than any high; stronger than any fifty cent bum rattling his tin can for more.

I loathe the life of others.

Anything is better than where I’m at.

You know what it’s like to share a bedroom with your brother and father? As your dad kills times on the ground, your best friend and partner in crime, all 6’3 of him, crunched on a twin.

Grinding out the days with a measly 8.75 and hour job to watch another week go by.

Who knew that life really was like a box of chocolates and the only one my damn father grabbed was the empty box.

I’d like to say that my dad does all he can to protrude his destiny not only for himself but for his family, but he doesn’t.

Counting out the sound of bills that fly by faster than the cash that comes in is mind blowing.

When Jay said “I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one” I finally get what he meant. No car, no home, barely any clothes, broke father, reckless mother, stained dreams, college drop-out, manifested anger, sickening sadness, I could go on forever.

What life should be about is making the best of what you have and continuing to look forward even when you’re blind.

I stand in the same spot smiling. Yea the view gets old, the people never change, and I always wonder what’s outside the box but, the people that love me always come around and I will still be smiling in the same spot.

Some people find my positivity in my situation to be odd, yet how I see it is, it’s just a blessing in disguise. A present and experience to help build my processer to the strongest it can be. I have hit rock bottom, yes, but that doesn’t mean I hit my head while falling. I actually landed on both feet.  

Now all I need to do is introduce myself to the outside world again. Crawl out of the hole and make sure everyone is watching. My name is Anthony Edward Ponti, I’m a 20 year old manifesto willing to take in opportunities as they come, learn from people who are greater than I, and sell myself as a product of more than my environment. People say you can truly tell a person’s personality by the expression they wear on their face. Mine must read fucking amazing.

Moving Out

This has been an adventure

One I can’t confess.

The beauty of it all,

Is time which never rests.

I know it may sound silly,

But fools still make of gold.

I bronze the apple from the tree,

That bitter bugs can mold.

It’s almost time to go now,

The ship is set to sail.

My thoughts and journey flutters,

Of my recent LA trail.

Letter to the editor,

It’s sayonara bitches.

A swampy mask of glitter,

With flakey frauds and snitches.

-Anthony E. Ponti

Isabeli Fontana. Vogue Spain February 2012

Barbara Palvin. Vogue Spain February 2012

3 Words


Asa Tallgard. Elle Norway February 2012

This girl is absolutely stunning and adorable. Her rocker edge and innocent persona is on so beautiful.

Anja Rubik. Vogue Japan March 2012

Alicia Kuczman. Elle Brazil February 2012

Cara Delevin. S Moda Magazine January 2012

"Children are young, precious, a geek. Living a life the elders can seek.

 Shy and beheld, yes, so to speak. Confronting the future with model physique.”

-Anthony E. Ponti

Ophelie Rupp. Italia Posh Magazine January 2012

"Loving fashion is something anyone can do,

Being fashion is very few in between.” - Anthony E. Ponti

Lily Donaldson, Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevingne ,and Nyasha Matodzonhe.

W Magazine January 2012 

Gertrud Hegelund. Numero January 2012

Emily Shofield. Fashion Gone Rogue 2012

Beegee Margenyte. Harpers Bazaar Hong Kong February 2012 

This model is going to be huge. Just you guys watch.

Luisa Bianchin. L’Officiel Paris February 2012